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The Chicago Cubs Got Cake Boss To Make Them A Sadness Cake

By 04.24.14

If you haven’t been following the narrative, the Chicago Cubs aren’t very good at winning the World Series. If you’re a Cubs fan typing something to me in all caps right now, relax, it’s the truth. It’s your identity. It’s been 100 years. As a Cleveland Indians fan, I can give you grief about it. We won 66 years ago, and you are almost 40 years worse than us.

To celebrate 100 years of losing baseball, the Cubs have partnered with CAKE BOSS to create a model Wrigley Field cake. It’s actually to celebrate Wrigley’s 100th birthday, but tomato, tomahto. Here’s a better look at the structure:

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They should get the folks on Chopped to make the next one. You have to make a dessert using only strawberries, a bag of Cheetos, ivy and Kerry Wood.


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