The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 5/2/14: Painful And Permanent

By: 05.03.14  •  33 Comments

Worst: Titus O’Neil, Aggressive Loser

Witness the segment where WWE booking completely disappeared up its own ass.

Over the past couple weeks Titus O’Neil has devolved into the least entertaining WWE trope possible — the aggressive guy who beats up on his opponents, but then always loses. It’s a character that makes for dull plodding matches that ultimately achieve nothing because the guy dominating ends up looking like a goon at the end. This Titus/Big E match took unproductiveness to a new heights though.

So, the entire match is a one-sided beatdown, which makes Titus look boring and Big E look like a chump. Then, out of nowhere, Titus gets disqualified for kicking too much ass, making Titus look like a dumbass and Big E look like even more of a chump. Then Big E storms back after the match and destroys Titus, making himself look like a sore loser and Titus look like the chump. Within the span of a single five-minute segment WWE has managed to make Big E and Titus look like useless a-holes three times apiece. That…that’s something.

Best: The US Title is Briefly Important

What the hell? A US Title match in the main event? With fancy ring announcing and everything? Come on, Cena must be coming out any minute to shout his loud funny words. Yup, annny minute now…ba-baba-daaaaaaaah. No?

Hmmm, you know, this may have been the most significant match of Dean Ambrose’s 348-day US Title reign. I guess he had a couple competitive matches with Kofi Kingston early in his run (if you can call a match with Kofi competitive) but since then pretty much every US Title match I recall Ambrose having has ended quickly via some kind of screwjob finish. But this was a full match with a finish and everything, and it was pretty damn good! It was packed with plenty of “guy is knocked outside and disappears into a black hole for five minutes” multi-person match goofiness, but Ambrose and Del Rio are good, Ryback and Axel are getting noticeably better, and the match was fun.

The announcers also started pushing the fact that Ambrose is starting to creep up on Lex Luger’s 523-day US Title reign, so hey, how bout we do a reverse CM Punk? The first year of Ambrose’s reign may be a bit of a wash, but the next half-year be packed with strong challengers and memorable matches (in other words, the opposite of Punk’s 350-days of valiant defences followed by three months of whining about respect and Ryback matches). That or Ambrose can just wrap the title in a towel and leave it in his gym bag and hope WWE forgets it exists for the next 150-days — that’s probably easiest.

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