The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 6/27/14: F*ck You, Jack Swagger

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Best: There he goes!

Hooray! Stardust makes his Smackdown debut! There he goes! Wow!

I love that Goldust loves Stardust. Goldust isn’t jealous, he’s excited his brother is doing the gold paint thing and doing it better than him. I hope they keep threatening to break up the Rhodes Bros. and just make them even better friends every time.

Worst: We’re Going to Applebee’s Later! C’mon!

I’m officially tired of watching RVD and Cesaro wrestle. In order to interest me in another RVD/Cesaro match you’d have to add something really fresh, like, uhhh, like something the complete opposite of Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. Jesus.


I found the match a little dull, you see. 

Okay, okay, the match at least ended on a pretty decent note, with Cesaro decapitating Ziggler with Swiss Death and RVD frog splashing into Alberto’s knees and eating an arm bar like a goob.Also, WWE had the crowd mics turned all the way up all night and you could hear all sorts of random crowd chatter during this match, including one guy’s very disappointed “C’mon Dolph! We’re goin’ to Applebee’s later! C’mon!

Was this guy going to Applebee’s somehow dependent on Dolph winning? Was he just so excited to be going to Applebee’s that he couldn’t get through some simple heckling without mentioning it? This is my white hummer, guys.



Best: Renee’s Shirt

I see your flower print and raise you a hair-matching yellow number. You’re not the only one who can be struck by a fetching blouse, Stroud.

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