The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 6/27/14: F*ck You, Jack Swagger

By: 06.28.14  •  34 Comments

Worst: This is what I Call a Metaphor

Here’s a metaphor for how I feel about Rusev lately…



Please, give me anything different. Bring back his monogrammed boards, or let his matches go longer than two moves. Something. Also, I was kind of willing to overlook it on Raw, because Raw was mostly awesome and I was sure WWE would realize it was horribly racist and cut it the f*ck out, but the Big E, Jesse Jackson/James Brown voice has to end immediately or I’m telling Tumblr.

Worst: Safe and Effective Ladder Use With Kane and Randy Orton

So, Roman Reigns and Kane had a match. It was a Kane match. Moving on.

After the match, with Reigns selling a chokeslam, Orton and Kane decided to do everything they humanly could to make ladders as boring as possible. Kane brought a ladder into the ring, sort of teased hitting Orton with it, but then elected to carefully set it up in the middle of the ring instead. Then Randy slowly and cautiously climbed the ladder while Kane attentively spotted him, retrieved the titles and gingerly made his descent. Once Randy was clear of the hardware, Kane closed the ladder back up and deposited it outside so it wouldn’t get in anybody’s way. The ladder’s instruction manual is probably more thrilling than this was.



Best: The Reigns Coda

But hey, I was willing to sit through with Playing It Safe With Glen & Randy because apparently every WWE show now ends with Roman Reigns rising up and murdering everybody. Hey, how ’bout we make it three in a row at Money in the Bank, WWE?

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