The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 6/6/14: Who Rang the Bell?!

By: 06.07.14

Worst: Rusev Better Change His Name To The Russian Ruffian Quick

A few weeks back I noticed the more elaborate Lana’s Russian boosterism gets, the less time she has to do her actual job introducing Rusev and joked that one day she’d forget to talk about him at all — I didn’t think it would happen quite so soon. This week she rattled on about various Russians from Gorbachev to Tchaikovsky, and then just threw it to Lillian for Rusev’s actual intro. What exactly is your purpose on the show Lana? Well okay, dumb question, but at least try to keep up the pretense you’re on TV for something other than “short skirts and humorously mispronouncing Jim Duggan’s name”.

But perhaps there’s a tragic unspoken story here. Lana’s Russophilia has become so acute she can no longer stomach introducing a lowly Bulgarian. Rusev has done everything he can to rekindle what he once had with Lana — he’s moved to Moscow, he waves the Russian flag wherever he goes, but it’s not enough. He knows Lana can never truly love his impure non-Russian blood. Man, imaginary WWE is so much more dramatic than actual WWE.



Best: Obstructed Seating

If WWE really wanted to get Rusev some heat they would have just left the giant, ring blocking Russian flag up for the rest of the show. “Warning, all seats on the right side of the arena might have an obstructed view of the ring and FREEDOM.”

Best: A Good Triple Threat Match

Sorry for the lack of a clever headline, but that’s what BNB/RVD/Cesaro was. Just a good, solid triple threat. It was surprisingly low on “guy is knocked comatose for 10-minutes by a standard fall to the outside” situations and Barrett and Cesaro went to admirable lengths to set up RVD for his signature spots. All snuggling next to each other on the mat so Rob could double Rolling Thunder them. Real sports, those two.

So yeah, good stuff, but unless WWE actually plans to put one of the secondary titles on RVD or Cesaro, they need to find them something else to do now.

Worst: Hustle, Loyalty, Respect and Sometimes Murder

Well, it’s official, John Cena committed his first on-air murder at Payback. I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. Bray Wyatt confirmed it — after being heartlessly crushed by Cena he felt the cold hand of the reaper pulling him down, and he realized that death is real. Not a lot of room for interpretation there! Thankfully Bray Wyatt is a comic book character (I think he’s part of the Archie universe) so he only missed one show before returning to life (hopefully as somebody no longer feuding with John Cena).

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