Celebrate 20 Years Of ‘This Is SportsCenter’ With The Campaign’s Funniest Commercials

By: 07.15.14

The Overseas Markets

What’s remarkable about these ads, though, is looking at an old one like this that was as simple as a few costume changes, and then comparing it to a recent commercial that clearly had the backing of the parent company.

Everyone Loves Star Wars

The funny thing is that I’ll still take the charm of the old ads that simply reveal the personalities of the anchors over the fancy costumes and nostalgic gimmicks any day. After all, the whole point of the campaign was to pretend that we were getting some sort of VIP access to Bristol, which is why the best commercials always featured the guys like us.

Inside the Locker Room

Kenny Mayne was the best before his humor became too dry and obscure. Perhaps that’s the only drawback of turning the reporters into stars. Clearly, some of these guys have let the fame get to their heads over the years, but a lot of them still seem like they’d pull up a stool next to us at the bar and rap about baseball over a round of potato skins.

John Clayton is a Metalhead

And then there’s John Clayton, a personality that simply never seemed like he fit in with the Bristol Bros, like his one-time cohort Sean Salisbury. This awesome commercial reminded us, though, that Clayton is rad while Salisbury was always a ‘bag, and that’s why only one of them is still feeding us NFL news on ESPN.

“Just Play the Game, Plumber Boy”

The classics should be preserved better than this, if only so we can remember that at one point in time, Craig Kilborn was a national treasure.

Big Buddies

This might have been the best SportsCenter commercial ever made. It’s a shame that ESPN doesn’t have a better quality version of it on the YouTube channel, but I’m glad that it still exists somewhere. In fact, give me a classic ESPN commercials YouTube channel, too, because some of the early athlete ads should not be forgotten.

Gordie Howe’s a Tough Guy

The humor of “This is SportsCenter” has developed into fans being able to watch their favorite athletes performing ordinary tasks in an office setting, all while using their skills to their advantages. But early on, between Clemens and Gordie Howe, it was more about tough guys beating up the nerds, which is basically America’s pastime.

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