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By 07.10.14

If LeBron Choose to Return to Cleveland…

Cavs fans have been incredibly confident over the last four days that the man their team drafted first overall in 2003 is going to be making his return to play alongside Anderson Varejão, Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins, and possibly Kevin Love if Minnesota is stupid enough to take Dion Waiters and two first rounders that will probably be No. 29 or 30 in their respective drafts. They’ve been flappin’ their wings and struttin’ their stuff, peckin’ and weavin’ and bobbin’ and talkin’ trash. But why? This is the biggest problem I’ve had with this entire free agency showcase. I don’t care about certain guys in the media doing certain things and spreading rumors like they can’t be fired, because that’s never going to change and will only get worse as our access to information becomes broader.

LeBron promised that his goal was to bring an NBA Championship to the city of Cleveland before his career ends, which he can technically still do if he decides to sign with the Cavs again. But he left to win two titles in Miami, because the Heat were willing and more prepared to team him up with his good friends, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, and the supporting cast in Cleveland was proving to be a burden on a young man’s back. You can’t blame him for wanting to leave to play with his Big 3 and “Super Team,” but Cleveland did. A lot. From the fans to the owner, Dan Gilbert, who wrote a hilariously petty letter to LeBron in Comic Sans, and nobody is ever going to forget that.

LBJ Tweet


Even LeBron Tweeted in 2010 that he was not going to forget what people were saying about him after The Decision, and yet here we are, expected to believe that he has forgiven the burning of his jerseys in the streets, but presumably not forgotten Gilbert’s failed declaration that the Cavs would win an NBA title before LeBron would in Miami or elsewhere. This is what baffles me about Cleveland fans right now. I joked the other day on Twitter about how LeBron is basically Jenny from Forrest Gump to Cavs fans, but it’s a very good comparison. They’re the good guy who put the hot girl on a pedestal and offered her the world, only to watch her leave so she could party with her friends and be showered with money, fame and praise with a wealthier, flashier man. Then, when the party ended, and the other girls decided they wanted more attention, the hot girl, a little more aged and finally showing some wear and tear, came back to the good guy, despite the fact that he threw a colossal hissy fit and called her a whore to all of his friends.

I’m not saying that Cavs fans shouldn’t be excited about the prospect, but dear lord, you guys – show some f*cking pride and stop pretending like you weren’t crying in rage as you ripped his Fatheads off your wall. Also, quit acting like an NBA Championship is a foregone conclusion when he suits up again. He was 50% in four seasons with the Heat, and one came when he had Wade and Bosh clicking on all levels. You saw what happened in his first season, when he needed time to gel with proven all-stars, and you saw what happened this year when he had to carry the whole thing. I know trying to talk common sense with sports fans is a worthless endeavor, but as we all remember this…

… you’d think that the majority of Cleveland fans would be like, “Yo guys, maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up.” And there are a lot of people out there who want LeBron to crush Cleveland’s collective heart again just to watch the misery overflow. That is mean as hell, but it’s reality. Stand up straight and show some self-respect, Cavs fans, because your team hasn’t signed or won a thing yet.

As For the Miami Fans…

If LeBron stays in Miami, we know that Heat fans will celebrate like it’s better than the championship that the San Antonio Spurs just took from LeBron and Co. with the greatest of ease. Why, I have no idea, because that’s a team that still needs work and Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger are only slight upgrades to the role players that couldn’t solve the Spurs to save their lives last month. But if he leaves, there will be angry Heat fans. The question for that is simply – WHY?

Again, Heat fans got four trips to the NBA Finals in four seasons. Do you know how many teams in the NBA (and their fans) that would kill for one trip in four years? Approximately 22 teams, because only 8 teams have won an NBA title in the past 30 years (or something like that, I abandoned fact-checking years ago, much like Broussard). What would make me angrier than any of the stupid rumors and fans debating on Twitter about where LeBron will end up is the idea that a Miami fan would burn his LeBron jersey. I’d name my first son Dwight Howard Burns if it meant the Orlando Magic winning an NBA Championship, so anyone who wants to complain that two wasn’t enough before a rebuilding period can kiss my ass.

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