The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 7/4/14: Do It For Little Daniel

By: 07.05.14

Best: A Pretty Special Little Fella

On the Money in the Bank pre-show, Bo Dallas interrupted Daniel Bryan, Bryan called him a boner (hey, he’s a dick, but he’s a functional one I guess) and I kind of assumed that would be all she wrote. That WWE just wanted to do a wiener joke because they thought it would help cut the sadness of the Bryan situation.

But wait, on Raw Bo came out and did the minute of silence, and then on Smackdown he dropped more hilarious smarm bombs, calling Bryan a pretty special little fella. Oh man, I like where this is going — WWE is always trying to recreate the Honky Tonk Man, but few guys are willing to totally swallow their pride and do it right. Bo is going to do it right. Bryan returning to annihilate Bo (who should be around 100-and-Bo by then) will be glorious. Kind of too bad this all had to start with an awkwardly delivered boner joke, but the end goal is what matters, and it’s going to be something pretty special.

Best: This Jericho Run Is Already Better Than The Last One

I’m pretty happy to have Jericho back. Yeah, it’s not the Jericho of 2007 – 2010, but that Jericho is gone and he ain’t coming back. Jericho isn’t a living, dynamic personality any more, he’s a legend, an icon, a special attraction, and really, it’s pretty cool that a guy like Jericho gets to play that role. Jericho was my Daniel Bryan — the guy I really, desperately wanted to succeed for a long f-cking time. I’m happy for him. I’m happy that he can come back, get Hulk Hogan/Shawn Michaels-esque pops and have some fun for a few months.

His Smackdown promo wasn’t great — most of it was shallow, shouty HEEEY BABY! Y2J, but there were twinges of something better. The stuff where he thanked the Wyatts for making things a little dangerous was solid. Between the Wyatts and Miz, Jericho at least has something to do other than look sad and bored while trying to spin gold from a Fandango feud. Jericho isn’t radically different than John Cena these days, but he’s allowed to show vulnerability, so this is also a massive step up for Bray. I’ve got realistic expectations this time around — I’m in it for the Jericho/Bray matches, which will almost certainly be good to great, and any flashes of real character work is just gravy.

Also, Jericho Codebreaking the Miz then stealing his sunglasses was pretty cool. Not even Cool Dad cool — legit cool. Welcome back Y2J, and thanks in advance for keeping me sane through another John Cena world title reign.

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