The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 7/3/14: Only God Can Judge Me

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Best: Sami Zayn Wins A Match!


It feels like Sami Zayn hasn’t won a match in ages. He lost to Cesaro, he lost to Bo, he lost to Tyler Breeze, he lost to The Ascension. The only reason he was in title contention at all is because he’d gotten into a triple threat by being the third best guy in a battle royal. He’s the best and most popular guy on the show and all we ever get to see him do is be awesome at failing miserably.

So hey, thank God he beat Justin Gabriel. Quick question: what’s going on with Gabriel? Not his character really, but his in-ring stuff. Is he going that slow on purpose? I know WWE tells high-flyers to slow down during matches, but Gabriel was just hanging out doing nothing for large stretches between moves. He’ll hit a dropkick, Zayn will sell it, and Gabriel will just sit there on his knees grimacing for like 40 seconds. At one point the announce team starts going “HURRY UP!” while he’s trying to set up a move. I KNOW, GUYS.

There’s probably a middle ground between “slowing down” and total inactivity. You’re Justin Gabriel. Your only marketable skill besides “not being from here” is jumping and flying around. Why are you wrestling like Randy Orton? We already have one of those. Pick it up, brother.

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Best Once You’re International Airstrike, You’re International Airstrike 4 Life

I’m shocked that Gabriel and Kidd worked together for nearly a minute without Tom Phillips asking whether or not they’ve got a chance to beat The Ascension.

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