Vintage Best And Worst: WCW World War 3 1996

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flair role call

Best: Ric Flair’s Crappy Wrestler Roll Call

One of my absolute favorite things Ric Flair does is his roll call of legends. When he’s talking the NWA belt, the WCW belt or the legacy of WCW in the face of the NWO, he always goes into his famous roll call of wrestlers who’ve held down the legacy. It usually goes something like this: “you think you can take down WCW? Sting, Terry Funk, The Steiners, The Road Warriors?! We got it all!”

But you ever notice that he always brings up one shitsipping wrestler in the mix to I guess build them up?

“You know what the legacy of WCW is?! It’s Tully Blanchard! Arn Anderson! Dusty Rhodes! Buff Bagwell! Sting!” One of those doesn’t fit, Ric. For this particular promo against the NWO, Flair hits us with the “Benoit! Flair! The Steiners! Mongo!”


Good try, though, Naitch. Tune in next week when he yells “Magnum T.A.! Briscos! J.J. Dillon! Maxx Payne!”

sting jarrett

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Best: Early Crow Sting Owns

To continue my observations from last time, Jeff Jarrett is the definition of mediocre. If you look up the word mediocre in the dictionary, it’s a picture Jeff Jarrett. Next to a picture of Eddie Murphy on top of a picture of a Black guy getting asked to get his hair touched by Alex Riley. I think that’s how Dictionaries work. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is that Jeff Jarrett blows. He’s the 1990s Miz in my mind in that there’s nothing I want to see more than him get destroyed as often as possible.

That’s why short-haired Crow Sting coming to the ring to destroy Jarrett because f*ck Jeff Jarrett is among Sting’s greatest run-ins. I’m not sure why he decided to attack Jarrett nor do I really care at this point. It was probably one of those Sting/NWO red herrings WCW teased for a solid year and a half but it probably has more to do with Sting being as annoyed with Double J as the rest of humanity. Keep doing God’s work, Sting. You the real MVP.

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