02.23.07 11 years ago

Because it's a slow day, and also because I adore my love-hate relationship with Las Vegas, I thought it would be fitting to take one final look back on the marvel that was the confluence of Sin City and the Black Super Bowl.

Of course, what will likely be remembered most is the trouble that brewed and boiled over: 400-plus arrests during the weekend, punctuated by the shooting at Minxx that looks like it involved Pacman Jones. But there was a lot of fun, too: Charles Barkley raced — and kissed — Dick Bavetta, Shaq broke out his dance moves, and Sarah Spain shared her Vegas experience with us. There were plenty of good times. And that's what David Stern and the NBA want us to remember, so just this once, I'll play along.

(Steve Nash owned that, by the way.)

Thanks to Skeets at the FanHaus for this one. 

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