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If you were waiting for Jimmy Fallon’s shitbomb of a talk show debut last night, you might have caught Katie Couric’s appearance on Letterman about 30 minutes earlier. Right out of the gate, Letterman asked her about Rodriguez, whom she has interviewed and, um, offered career advice.

On the “Late Show with David Letterman” Monday, Couric said she was speaking to Rodriguez frequently when he opted out of his contract in 2007, trying to convince him to do a “60 Minutes” interview.

At one point, Rodriguez called to ask her, “What team do you think I should play for?”

Letterman responded: “That should have told you he was on the juice, that he’s calling you.”

And that joke was met by 2 seconds of laughter, followed by 10 seconds of applause. Seriously, if the joke sucks, don’t laugh at it. And don’t alleviate your guilt by clapping. The laugh-clap-clap is why Jimmy Fallon has a job again. Don’t laugh at that. But go ahead and clap. Ah, sweet succulent applause.


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