AFC Wimbledon Used Twitter To Help A Fan Recover His False Teeth

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"Oi, mum's gunna kill me for losin' my teef."

“Oi, mum’s gunna kill me for losin’ ma teef.”

Attending a live sporting event can be a pretty hectic and stressful occasion for even the most seasoned fans, especially when you have to drag your stupid family along with you and focus on not being the obnoxious dickwad that you were born to be. So let’s say you’ve got your wife and two young children with you – that’s a lot of stuff to keep track of, between a purse, cell phones, wallets, a diaper bag, probably your plastic bags of clear liquor taped to the inside of your legs, and at least one can of Skoal wedged in your butt cheeks to get past the metal detectors. You’re bound to forget something, and it could be more important than anything else that you’re carrying, including a child.

For example, one AFC Wimbledon fan left his dentures in their case at Yesterday’s 2-1 over Hartlepool United, and how’s a guy supposed to eat his bangers and mash if he’s missing his fake chompers? Fortunately, someone found the dentures and turned them over to stadium or team officials and the little blue box found its way to Wimbledon’s social media people, who were not going to rest until they found the owner of these teeth.

Wimbledon Teeth 1

We’ll continue this story after a brief message from what I imagine all British TV looks like…

Great news, folks! It didn’t take very long for the team to find the owner of these dentures, and they have since been reunited with one guy’s empty, gummy mouth.

Wimbledon Teeth 2

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