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The World Cup is still two years away, but South African hookers are already excited by the prospect of new business.  In an article with the headline "AIDS Girls on World Cup Game" in subtle 64-point bold Times New Roman, The Sun interviews three prostitutes looking forward to England's army of hooker-loving fans and players.

Yolanda Lorika, 19, squeals: “We just can’t wait. We only get paid about £10 for sex when drivers stop for us here. English men will pay a lot more.

“We’ll probably have to fight over them with the girls who already have pitches in that area, but it will be worth it.

Ladies, ladies, please!  With so many eager customers, there's no need to fight.  Unless, of course, they're paying you to fight.  Which I totally would do.  Hookerfighting is the new dogfighting.  And win or lose, the sex afterwards is way better.

[The Sporting Blog

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