02.12.08 10 years ago 7 Comments

When I see that an episode of "Fight Quest" is on Discovery Channel, I always click over and check it out.  Because in theory, two guys going around the world in an attempt to immerse themselves in all the little subsets of fighting styles in different cultures is pretty cool, because it's always good to know new and exciting ways to kick people's asses.  So I'll watch a little bit of the episode, then I inevitably change the channel three minutes later because despite what the Rocky movies taught you, watching people training to fight is actually pretty boring.  Besides, why should I watch entire episodes when all the chicken sacrifice, tongue mutilation, and passed-out convulsions are all right here on one YouTube clip?

Oh, I guess I should mention that this video isn't for pussies, just in case you're too dumb to clue in on the words "tongue mutilation." 


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