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Well, it's a slow day in the ugly Jason Kidd divorce battle, so let's turn the spotlight on Amani Toomer, who filed for divorce against his wife of over four years, Yola Dabrowski.

[Toomer claims] she not only reneged on a pact to have kids with the veteran wide receiver but went so far as to abort four pregnancies, according to bombshell court papers… The footballer also alleges that Dabrowski, 34, "refused to change her last name to Toomer," and won't cook, clean or take medication to treat her depression.

Of course she doesn't cook or clean. She doesn't have the time with all the trips to Planned Parenthood. She's done more abortions than a closet full of wire hangers in the 1950s. Pol Pot killed fewer babies.

Dabrowski… vehemently denied the claims. In her filings for divorce, she alleges… when she didn't want to have sex, Toomer acted "irrationally and outrageously" – once urinating on her clothes, and another time tossing her BlackBerry into the Hudson River.

Yeah, Toomer is such a bad guy, says the woman who uses the abortion clinic instead of the Pill. But she's right about one thing — a BlackBerry is way more important than a fetus. It's true. You ever tried to play Tetris on a baby bulge? Fucking impossible. 

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SERIOUS UPDATE/SITE NOTE: A bunch of people got their panties all twisted about this post. Get over yourselves. I write about shit from Page Six every goddam day — how much stock do you really think I put in the New York Post? Let this be the 1000th reminder that nothing — nothing — on this site is serious unless I make it an explicit point to "take off my With Leather hat." You fucking nancies.

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