Amazing High School Football Catch Even More Amazing When You Can Hear Them

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What you need to know:

BB&N Knights vs. St Sebs football game was played at Harvard Coliseum. This catch was the last score of the game for the Knights and allowed them to win (31-28). Caught by Chad Kohler follow me on twitter @ChadBrah

I love the addition of “I filmed this, my Twitter handle has ‘brah’ in it, follow me”. Anyway, what you need to look and listen for:

– 0:07-0:08 – #3 for St. Sebastian’s (how funny is it that you’d abbreviate a saint’s name to call them St. Sebs) contributes almost nothing to the play, lightly shoves the receiver to the ground and starts pumping his fists and going WOO~!.

– 0:09-0:12 – Touchdown is called, and #3 instantly turns into Troy Barnes from ‘Community’. I can’t make out exactly what he’s saying here, but it sounds like “NO, ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME, BULLsh*t!” Him turning to the camera and gesturing like he’s upset about missing the Soul Train awards is the best part.

– 0:14-0:20 – It’s probably someone in the crowd making noise, but the way it’s filmed makes it look like the guy who caught the ball is jumping up and down yelling like Howard Dean. I can’t even assign an onomatopoeia to a scream like that. It’s like “YES! YESSSS! WOOOOO” from the mouth of a condor.

– 0:24-0:26 – “That’s why you work hard right there! That’s why you work hard!” Not sure if he’s talking about accidentally catching a touchdown pass, or just walking backwards slowly with your head up and hoping for the best instead of jumping or actively trying to catch the ball.

[h/t Prep Rally]

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