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Add Warren Moon to the gimongous list of athletes and sports figures who don't have enough common sense to take a taxi after drinking.  Moon, the former quarterback who now provides radio commentary for Seahawks games, was arrested for suspicion of DUI on Friday night and subsequently released.

However, just when I was about to launch into my usual cut-and-paste about how ridiculously easy it is to not get DUIs — especially when you're financially well-off — I checked in at Mike Sando's terrific Seahawks Insider blog: 

[A State Patrol spokesperson] said Moon was pulled over in Kirkland on April 6 and processed at the Kirkland Police Department. I called Kirkland Police [Monday night] and they had no information on this case. A spokesman said the department had nothing on record indicating Moon had been arrested. This was a WSP case, in other words, and Moon was never held at the jail there… It's impossible to know whether something serious occurred here, or whether this is one of those cases where the arrest makes headlines, only to have no charges filed in the end.

Wait, I'm confused.  Can I make fun of him for being an idiot or not?  Well, can I at least call him a wife-beater?  He was acquitted?  Ah, crap.  Black quarterbacks get away with everything.  They never get any scrutiny.

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