12.13.07 10 years ago 19 Comments

Who cares about the latest rumors concerning Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson?  Not me.  But I'm tired of looking at old man Mitchell's stupid wrinkled face and dealing with all the steroid talk, so big-ass picture of Jessica Simpson it is.

Anyway, some dipshit thinks Romo's shopping for an engagement ring even though the two have been dating for a couple weeks, while another gossip hound says Romo's parents met Jessica and really like her.  You might be wondering, "Isn't Jessica really dumb?  Why would Romo's parents like her?" and that's a valid question.  But remember that Tony Romo went to Eastern Illinois.  People from my old town in southern Illinois sent their dumbest kids and smartest livestock to that school.  Tony's parents are probably just happy she can breathe through her nose.

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