12.27.09 8 years ago

No, that crashing sound wasn’t Santa tumbling down the chimney with a second round of presents on Christmas night. That crashing was the sound of Ron Artest tumbling down the stairs and concussing…himself.

Artest didn’t travel with the Lakers to Saturday’s game at Sacramento after tripping over a box and falling down a flight of stairs at his home on Christmas night, the team said in a news release.

He was treated at UCLA Medical Center, undergoing a CT scan and receiving stitches in the back of his head and his elbow. A neurologist examined him on Saturday and confirmed he had a concussion, the team said. Artest is day to day.–

A rather clever reporter asked Phil Jackson for his “interpretation” of Artest’s injury, obviously fishing for dirt.  Because let’s face it, RonRon had to be schwasted, right? He had a little too much Courvoisier in his eggnog? Sans Ron, The Lakers finally got their check-mate over the Kings Saturday night in double OT. Which begs the question: was it his “certain physical presence” that was missed, or was it because he wasn’t there to bring the crazy?  Well Ron, here’s hoping you make a speedy recovery and we see you back on the court soon.  Better yet, here’s hoping we see you on tour soon.

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