So there’s that show that nobody’s talking about, “Shaq Vs.”, where Shaq challenges other famous athletes in their respective sports. Yeah, supposedly Shaquille O’Neal stole that idea. Which is amazing. I guess this is why they call him the “Man of Steal.” Somebody took his clever pills this morning.

Todd Gallagher alleges William Morris Endeavor Entertainment — the agency repping Todd — approached him to turn his book “Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan” into a TV show sometime last year … then hijacked his idea and turned it into “Shaq Vs.”

Todd’s book was based on him competing against professional athletes who agreed to play with handicaps — such as Roddick using a frying pan instead of a tennis racket. via.

Shaq’s camp has not commented. One time I was in the park with this woman and she told me about her “dream date,” and when she broke up with me I asked out her best friend and then did everything on that dream date with her. And then she calls me later that night sobbing about how I could do that do her. I said the only thing she told me to say in a spot like that. “Sorry, Mom.” Oh, man. That one kills my psychiatrist every time.

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