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By now, you’ve probably heard about the autistic kid in Chicago that correctly “predicted” the outcome of all 48 games in the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. And I put “predicted” in quotes because I don’t buy it. The post on NBC Chicago has been updated, and includes this little piece of info regarding the bracket of 17-year-old Alex Hermann: can not confirm Alex’s entry — the company doesn’t track entries to their Bracket Manager program. Unlike CBSSports’ Bracket Challenge, which ranks players nationally and locks entries once the tournament begins, Bracket Challenge does allow changes after play starts.

The Hermanns insist, however, that they filled out their brackets as a family before the tournament started, and haven’t touched the picks since. When asked whether the bracket was altered after the tourney began, Alex’s mother said, simply, “no.” –NBC Chicago.

Oh, how convenient. Way to cover up your paper trail, Alex. I wouldn’t be surprised if he flies to Vegas and bankrupts the MGM Grand next month. He’s a cunning little bastard. That’s what makes him such a worthy opponent. So who did he pick to win the whole thing? Purdue? Wow. That wasn’t very bright.

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