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The Internet can be a pretty small place sometimes. Just a few days ago, Kissing Suzy Kolber wrote a post that featured Bears fan Sarah Spain, who had written an updated version of the Super Bowl Shuffle (ten verses strong).

And now, as sexily-named tipster Matthew points out, Sarah has turned to eBay to try to get to the Super Bowl:

I am a fun, funny, smart girl looking for a date to the Super Bowl. I'm a HUGE Chicago Bears fan who grew up in Lake Forest, right where the Bears practice! I've already got my flights to Miami, I just need a ticket to the game!!!!! You won't find a more fun date for the game anywhere!! I LOVE football, LOVE the Bears, can drink with the best of them, and let's be honest, I'm darn cute. So come on, bring someone to the game who will REALLY appreciate it! 

The current bid is $710 [UPDATE: $1625 and counting. Wow]. That's right: Somebody has spent the thousands of dollars to get not one but TWO tickets to the Super Bowl, and that lucky fella is going to PAY SARAH hundreds thousands of dollars to go with him. The capitalism going on here is mind-boggling. Oh, one clarification that Sarah made after posting her "item":

I am NOT an escort. This is a good ol' fashioned date. I will however buck tradition and, as the lady, spring for the beer and food.

Well, with an extra $700, that shouldn't be too hard. And of course she's not an escort. Not for $700. Look at her. She's worth two grand a night or more. And Sarah, I mean that in the nicest way. (Call me!)

UPDATE: Well, this has been fun. In the span of about an hour or two it's gone from $700 to $5.5 million. Somehow I think these may not be genuine bids. 

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