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With both teams’ playoff hopes on the line, the Bears beat the Saints 27-24 in overtime on the NFL Network’s weekly Thursday Night Game You Try to Watch on a Pirated Feed Online Because Cable Providers Don’t Like The NFL’S Attempts at Strongarming.  Kind of an unwieldy title, but there it is.

Both teams traded second-half turnovers and fourth-down failures before deciding to try to win, with the Saints getting their first lead, 24-21, late in the 4th quarter on a Drew Brees to Marques Colston TD.  The Bears responded with a Robbie Gould field goal as time expired, and then overtime was fairly predictable: Devin Hester broke free on a third-and-seven from midfield, and Saints corner Jason David — continuing his trend of sucking spectacularly — got in the way for a 38-yard pass interference penalty.  Two plays later, game over.

The stars of the game were Pierre Thomas (146 yards from scrimmage and two TDs), and Kyle Orton, I guess.  Even though the Neckbeard threw two interceptions and no TDs, one of the picks wasn’t his fault.  He also ran for a touchdown, overlooking an open Matt Forte to dive into the end zone like the SELFISH PRICK HE IS.  Doesn’t he realize this is the fantasy playoffs????  Dammit, Orton, throw me a bone here.

VIDEO UPDATE: Kyle Orton is not good at touchdown celebrations.

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