01.22.09 9 years ago 19 Comments

Jake Hogue is a place kicker for the Ball State Cardinals, and he seems to have done well for himself.  According to a tipster, the “awful backup kicker” is dating “Abercrombie model Sarah Bakian,” but I find that hard to believe.  Not that he’s dating her, but that she’s an Abercrombie model.  The girls who model for Abercrombie all look like underdeveloped 14-year-olds hanging out with homoerotic beefcake.  Like, this chick is all lonely while these guys get naked together, and this guy sticks a trumpet in his ass while the girl looks away.  Man, you gotta hand it to Abercrombie & Fitch.  They sure know how to sell overpriced distressed cargo shorts.

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