Watch A Giant Icelandic Man Set A World Record By Deadlifting 1,016 Pounds

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08.15.14 14 Comments

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Hi, good morning everyone, here’s Icelandic strongman Benedikt Magnússon breaking the world record with a 1016.33-lb deadlift That’s half a metric ton for those of you scoring at home. Upon completion, a reporter immediately rushed to Magnusson’s side.

Reporter: “Congratulations, can you speak to us, give us a little insight on how you feel to get that record?”
Magnusson: (still red faced and shaking) “What did you say?”

Pro-tip: If you’re covering a strongman event, wait until the competitor looks human again before asking questions.

*UPDATE: HOLY CRAP, that’s ‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones at the end of the clip. Good job commenters!

The Mountain


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