The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 2/28/14: Deal With It


LOL. Batista couldn’t look like more of an asshat if he were literally wearing an ass for a hat. Welcome back buddy.

Pre-show Notes:

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Okay, on we go…

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Worst: The World’s Strongest Jobbers

Hey, I heard Antonio Cesaro was involved in a really great opening match this week! This is totally it, right? Right?

This match wasn’t terrible, but did they have to do this “Swagger and Cesaro fight over who gets the win” thing with Big E and Mark Henry? I mean, a month ago the Real Americans were struggling to beat Los Matadores, and now suddenly they’re so cockily confident they can beat the strongest man in the world that they’re eagerly tagging themselves in? Why does one talented guy being on the rise almost always mean another talented guy having to look like crap in this company? I assume you keep 3MB on the payroll for a reason WWE.

Best: Welcome Back (Intentional) Dickbag Batista

2010 era heel Batista is one of my all-time favorite WWE characters. He was the walking, ridiculously clad representation of that crappy wrestling guy — the loser who grew up liking silly underpants fighting, who then got big muscles and thinks the world owes him unlimited blowjobs because he now looks like The Ultimate Warrior. I was hotly anticipating more classic “hugging fat girls” promos upon his return, but instead we got just wants competition Batista who looks baffled and betrayed when people don’t cheer him for dropping jokes Disney Channel execs wouldn’t consider edgy about Orton being the ASS of the WWE. They even tried to do a colossally misguided “ya likes me or ya hates me” John Cena thing on this week’s Raw.

Well, as of Smackdown Batista is officially a bad guy again. At least I hope he is — WWE couldn’t possibly think a guy wearing that f–king newsboy cap is still a good guy, or even a tweener, could they?

Anyways, this promo was right up to early-2010 standards. It was full of Batista enumerating FACTS and “I’ve got abs, so I’m the best regardless of talent of accomplishments” douchebag logic. It was the sort of electric heel promo you only get from a genuinely kind of scummy person “being real”. Of course, Batista’s turn back to the real side begs the question — who the hell does he face for the title? Randy Orton? Jesus, are we dropping the Wrestlemania name and re-christening this event the first annual Asshole Bowl? I mean, them giving up and going heel with Batista pretty much means Daniel Bryan is in the match, right? Or the Brinks truck is backing up to CM Punk’s porch as we speak?

Worst: Slacks Ziggler

Woof. Has Dolph Ziggler worn pants on WWE TV, like, ever? Go put on your sparkly diaper or get off my television screen good sir.

So yeah, Batista was all “I can destroy all your heroes Internet marks!” and so out comes the 2014 version of Dolph Ziggler to make us all feel kind of embarrassed. Dolph’s promo was hot trash too, with him dropping enough “Jacks” to choke John Cena as he unconvincingly proclaimed himself more rugged and manly than the guy dressed as male stripper Oliver Twist. 

Batista should just continue beating on the saddest “Internet heroes” possible. Have him drag out Zack Ryder, or be all “I was reading this guy Brandon’s stuff and for two weeks back in 2012 he totally loved this Lord Tensai guy. Is he still around?”

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Best: Sheamus, Alright Fella

Since his return I, like many of you, have been on edge waiting for the moment when pleasant enough top-notch worker Sheamus transforms back into a living 2000s-era Adam Sandler joke. So far it hasn’t happened, but on Smackdown he faced his greatest challenge yet — briefly standing in the same room as Alberto Del Rio.

Sheamus was of course paired with Del Rio when his comedic persona was in full rancid bloom, a feud that “peaked” when Sheamus proudly filled Del Rio’s car with burrito diarrhea, because Vince is old and doesn’t like that there foreign food.

Anyways, on Smackdown Sheamus was…perfectly agreeable. He called Vickie “love” and seemed like he meant it, and then made a crack about Del Rio’s hair, which actually made me laugh because, seriously, Del Rio’s hair is pretty bad. I think we can breath easy guys, good Sheamus is here to stay (at least until he gets a serious title push again).


Best: Christian In Real People Clothes

Hey, Christian doesn’t look so bad when he’s wearing something other than saggy-ass wrestling trunks and orange paint. I guess the poor guy got wind of all of JBL’s “2/10 Would Not Bang” comments.

Uh, so Sheamus and Del Rio had a match, which hmmmm — as mentioned, I’ve liked Sheamus since his return, but Del Rio is a sucking black hole of boring these days. More entertaining than the match, was Christian on commentary. Christian’s commentary is just like his wrestling — workmanlike, unflashy, but fundementally rock solid. He explained his heel character succinctly and convincingly, never once let ol’ dickhead one and dickhead two bully him, and added a few bits of entertaining color, like his exasperated “Oh, come on, you’ve gotta be kidding me” when Del Rio bumbled into Sheamus’ cloverleaf. Then he even managed to successfully complete the Killswitch! It was a good day at the ol’ grappling office for Christian is what I’m saying.

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