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Thanks to handsome tipster Jeff's perusal of SI's analysis of the NBA draft, I now know that Atlanta Hawks GM Billy Knight wants some guys with wide thighs and ample rear ends:

Knight points out that [Zaza] Pachulia and Shelden Williams are the only Hawks who are wide in the thighs. "They are the only two guys we have who aren't what we call narrow butts,'' Knight said. "The other guys are thin guys, slender builds, so you need some physicality on your team.'' So he's looking for one more wide butt? "It depends on the butt,'' Knight said. In which case [Florida's Al] Horford may well be their pick.

Just when you thought the objectification of men by other men was over after the gay journo-porn about Brady Quinn and Ken Shamrock, we now have some lusty general manager porn.  And frankly, I'm offended.  Is it because of the harsh opinions based upon physical attributes?  Perhaps, but I'm probably more upset that I'm not Mr. Knight's type.  Every man likes to feel attractive.  At least the ladies like the slim, malnourished ass look, right?     

I do want to applaud Billy for providing a useful phrase I think all segments of the country should employ: "Would you like fries with that?" It depends on the butt.  "Should I diversify my portfolio?" It depends on the butt.  "Will we bomb Iran if they continue their nuclear programs, Mr. President?"  It depends on the butt.  -KD

Personally, I enjoy lovely Melissa's-NSFW derrière. 

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