Confrontational Hacky Sack Video Of The Day: ‘Blackie Sack’ Starring The Hacky Sack Millionaires

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Hacky Sack Millionaires Blackie Sack

Have you ever wanted to see a guy play hacky sack with a piece of fried chicken? If you answered “yes,” the f**k is wrong with you. Seriously.

Regardless, behold ‘Blackie Sack,’ the first episode of a new series that I can say, without hyperbole, is my favorite hacky-sack-based urban struggle YouTube show. If you can’t tell what it’s about by the title, here you go:

Blackie Sack is the story of Leon Sugarfoot – the world’s only African-American hacky sacker!

Episode one has it all … hilarious nicknames (including one a guy was given, but isn’t allowed to say), jokes about slavery, Blake Shelton references and a tease of gun violence. Because, you know, that’s what you’d expect from a hacky sack video.

Just gonna type “hacky sack” a few thousand more times. The NSFW (for language) clip is after the jump.


[h/t to DOTD]

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