11.17.06 11 years ago 2 Comments

EDSBS, via Channel 2 in Detroit, is reporting that longtime Michigan coach Bo Schembechler is dead.

Okay, first of all,this is really too bad for his family and the Michigan community. It's a shame he passed away when he did. My sincere condolences.

Also, my sincere condolences to all of us who will watch the game, as we'll now have to listen to the announcers go on and on about how the death has motivated the Wolverines to play harder — as if they wouldn't already be playing their hardest against their biggest rival with a national championship on the line. Basically, Schembechler's death will just be fed into the OSU-Michigan hype machine, one more storyline for the commentators to beat into the ground.

Oh, and the pro-OSU punk band Dead Schembechlers? I recommend they give Tsunami Bomb a call about band names becoming inappropriate.

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