Boston Media Ensures No One Can Feel Bad For The Patriots

05.13.15 2 years ago 166 Comments


Over the past few days, lurking somewhere deep within your psyche, may have been the tiniest troubling sensation of sympathy for the New England Patriots following the NFL’s announced punishment for Ballghazi. Sure, the Pats and their fans can be obnoxious, but the sanctions seem really unfair and severe, given the lack of proof and consequence of the alleged cheating. Other teams got caught cheating this offseason and suffered barely any repercussions.

Luckily the local media in Boston is here to obliterate any of those uneasy thoughts. We’re just swept up in the howling winds of jealousy and the scattered thunderstorms of envy. Ultimately, we appreciate the reminder. The joy of schadenfreude is preferable to complex feelings.

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