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The scores for the Wonderlic, that silly test that the NFL uses to measure mental acumen, are out, and former Florida quarterback and noted golden child Tim Tebow, once again, disappointed. Now I know how Tebow’s high school prom date felt. See, because he’s a virgin…and he never…eh, forget it.

Tebow scored a 22 out of 50 on the Wonderlic test, an NFL source told the [Palm Beach] Post Wednesday. The score falls slightly below the average score for an NFL quarterback, which is 24. But the average for 30 quarterbacks slated to start in 2010 is even higher, at 28.5. And the average score among the past seven Super Bowl winners is a 30.1. The scores for Kansas City’s Matt Cassel and Carolina’s Matt Moore could not be found.

Tebow is shaping up to be one of the more disappointing NFL prospects. He’s already achieved prospect status, but now he’s on “short bus prospect” status. In two weeks we’ll probably find out if he’s a highly functioning autistic. Those lefthanders are the devil, man.

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