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UPDATE: Photo changed.  With Leather sincerely apologizes to Tom Thomson, the photographer who took the picture that you no longer see. 

A Canadian woman is recovering in the hospital after her chance encounter with former Seahawks super-bust Brian Bosworth.  But don't worry, as with his playing days in the NFL, the Boz wasn't the cause of bodily harm. Bosworth was driving to the Winnipeg airport after a completing a fishing trip when he saw emergency personnel surrounding a small SUV that had rolled several times, trapping the woman inside.

The paramedics had to use the jaws of life to get the woman out. Bosworth said they dismantled the vehicle completely. He was asked to take a piece of equipment down to the paramedics and once he got down to the victim, he said it was clear they needed more manpower.

"She was in shock and in pain and we couldn't really move her. Her legs were pinned. We had to cut the steering wheel off. She was screaming every time we moved her," Bosworth said. "It took five or six guys to get her into the ambulance. "

I have to say, I'm pretty stunned by this.  There's actual photographic evidence of Brian Bosworth doing something good.  Nothing in his pro football or cinema careers ever suggested such a thing was possible.  This might as well be a picture of Sasquatch fellating the Loch Ness monster or the Tooth Fairy punching out Santa Claus or a unicorn doing a pegasus or Red Sox fans being cool.


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