11.16.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar isn’t doing so hot. After being misdiagnosed with mono–which led to the cancellation of his fight with Shane Carwin in UFC 106–Lesnar’s career seems to be in jeopardy as UFC boss Dana White tries to get Lesnar transferred to the Mayo Clinic, which I understand is totally different from the Miracle Whip clinic.

White tells us Lesnar — the UFC heavyweight champ — is “very, very sick” with some sort of intestinal disorder, although listening to White, it sounds a lot more serious than that. White says the condition will require “major surgery.” –TMZ

Camel Clutch Blog reports that Lesnar was in Canada when he collapsed. And I’m sure that other UFC fighters are upset that Lesnar is getting his shot at the Mayo Clinic so much faster than the guys that paid their dues. It’s not a caste system, fellas. I was talking about the pecking order in UFC, not Canadian health care. That actually is a caste system.

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