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Most of us remember seeing the clip of Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl getting inappropriate with ESPN's Erin Andrews. And it was inappropriate: I don't think he would have done that with Chris Spielman, plus I'm pretty sure that he was a little too busy in the first half to have bought her dinner. Hey, I'm not a prude or anything, but don't go halfway on it. If you're going to put your hands on somebody like that, you better get your fucking money's worth. 

Anyway, the immaculate and always-timely Awful Announcing shares that Pearl told Dan Patrick that Pearl actually called Andrews and sent her a text after that game to "apologize" for his behavior.


DP: [During the Memphis game], you can't be putting your hands on Erin Andrews at halftime, Coach.
BP: Erin is a terrific sideline reporter, she knows the game, but she's also very engaging. I actually called her and texted her back, and I apologized if in any way that was unprofessional.
DP: Is texting her an NCAA violation?
BP: No, she's not a prospect.
DP: Oh, yes, she is.

Zing! I can only assume by "apologize," he meant, "I'm sorry for not trying to stick a finger in that sweet, sweet ass of yours." Or maybe he went the more sophisticated route, with something along the lines of "I'm sorry I didn't hit that gash doggystyle in the front seat of a very expensive automobile." Technology is wonderful, especially when it helps you have sex with other people.

[Awful Announcing via SbB via WBIR]

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