No-Armed Man Will Crush You In Golf

Butch Lumpkin can play 18 holes of golf and break 80. He can play tennis. And he does all of this without having any functional arms. I have never felt lazier in my life.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s there were between ten and twenty thousand “Thalidomide Babies” born after their [mothers] took the drug to combat morning sickness. Butch Lumpkin is one of the approximately 5,000 survivors world-wide. Born with what he calls “short arms,” he really has what amounts to no functional arms at all. Three fingers extend from his left side in a flipper like manner, and his right arm ends before the elbow with three fingers that point backward toward his body. –

Lumpkin cited sports as the one forum where he could be treated equally by others, because “you don’t want to get beat by a man with no arms.” Nobody wants to get beat by a guy named Butch, either. The Golf Channel did a profile on him, but he also has a video of his own, which you can see after the jump. Thanks to @ShaneBacon for the heads-up.

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