Captain’s Log: Marisa Miller

02.06.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Captain Morgan is at Super Bowl XLV in North Texas with our very own Matt Ufford and another special guest.

At long last, here’s the video we shot with Marisa Miller. Unfortunately, it was frigid in the viaduct where we shot it, so Marisa kept her coat on, but you can still get the general impression that she’s modestly attractive. Double unfortunately, Marisa’s entourage (I counted seven: hair stylist, makeup artist, husband, photographer, body guard, and two PR handlers) kept me from taking Marisa out for coffee so we could just, you know, talk. Get to know each other a little. Maybe exchange numbers, catch up when our travels put us in the same place. We’re both busy people. We shouldn’t have to make promises to each other just because of an undeniable mutual attraction.

Instead, as you can see, I was left to hold the boom mike and look sad. Ah well. Another lifetime, perhaps.

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