The New York Knicks Are Dark, And Full Of Terrors

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Carmelo Anthony Game of Thrones

If there’s one thing fans of ‘Game Of Thrones’ love, it’s dubstep. And if there’s one thing fans of dubstep love, it’s Carmelo Anthony. Not sure how Carmelo Anthony fans and ‘Game Of Thrones’ fans relate, but I’m going to assume there’s a 100% overlap.

So … yeah, ‘Game Of Thrones’ season 3 premieres on HBO on March 31, and nothing has gotten me hyped quite like a guy who has no possible idea what Game Of Thrones is sitting on a prop from the show, holding a basketball, talking about great wars. Because, get it, wars where you cut peoples’ guts out are just like Knicks games. They both involve an imp, too, if you count Spike Lee.

Here’s the clip. Spoiler alert: Khaleesi brings the Miami Heat across the Narrow Sea and torches New York.

I guess the sigil of House Anthony is the Jumpman?

[h/t to Sportress]

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