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The braintrust behind the part-rock, part-hip-hop, all-cartoon group Gorillaz, frontman Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett, have teamed to create an entertaining athletic cartoon supermonkey (and pals) who will do all manner of outrageous hijinx that will be more entertaining than the Olympics themselves. Of course, it's for the BBC. Most Americans will have to make due with overwrought schmaltz from their networks. Cloying back stories? You bet! 

The concept is based around Journey to the West, a famous Chinese novel, published in the 1590s and considered one of the four most important works of fiction in China's history. It follows a monk with several disciples, including a monkey, as they battle increasingly fierce demons on a quest to retrieve Buddhist scriptures for China.

"Monkey and the characters will travel across China to Beijing.

"While they will use magical powers to fight off various monsters and demons, they'll also use all sorts of Olympic sports as well. So Monkey might use gymnastic powers, Pigsy will be hurdling and Sandy uses taekwondo."

A shame it's not the Winter Olympics, for monsters and demons are loathe to deal with curling powers. Too bad for Sandy, though. Even in cartoons does taekwondo blow.

It begs the question why there can't be more monkeys involved in the actual ceremonies. If there are legions of them snatching your bags for shadowy thieves, surely they can train a few to bring the medals to the stands. Sure, the medals will be covered in feces and parasites, but it's not like the winners are going to wear them long anyway. 

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