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As the Yankees prepare for their showdown with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the ALCS, CC Sabathia, demonstrating that he has an IQ of at least one-half of his cholesterol count, let everyone in on a little secret regarding why players choose to play for the New York Yankees. No, it’s not the history or tradition. And no, it’s not the obscene amounts of money they can throw at a player. Instead, it’s the chance to win championships. Wow.

“You come here to get a chance to win a championship,” said Sabathia, who is scheduled to start for the Yankees against those same Angels in the ALCS opener tonight at Yankee Stadium. “We are one step closer to that.” via.

If Sabathia hadn’t blown my mind in the same way he routinely blows out pairs of 54/36 jeans, I would have never guessed that players are drawn to the Yankees for the opportunity to win championships.

You know, in retrospect, it has been nine years since the Yankees have won a title and they haven’t legitimately competed for a World Series title since they lost to the Marlins in seven six games in the 2003 World Series, so perhaps coming to the Yankees to compete for a championship isn’t the best idea after all. Maybe it was all about the money. Sabathia did sign a seven-year deal for a staggering $161 million.

So does that make Sabathia a moron for believing that signing with the Yankees gave him the best shot at winning a title, or does it make me one for taking the time to point out that the reasons should be obvious when they are in fact not? Or both? That’s going to be a tricky one to sort out. Maybe I’ll just take a nap instead and ignore this particular conundrum.

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