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Good people of America, it’s time to run to your pickup trucks. Grab your pitchforks and shotguns, and don’t forget your arguments about low scoring, players taking dives, and inconsistent officiating. The Super Bowl has been dethroned as the world’s most-watched sporting event.

The report has been compiled by Future Sports + Entertainment, an arm of leading international analysts Initiative, and details how the 2009 Champions’ League final between Manchester United and Barcelona was the most-watched sports event worldwide. It attracted 109m viewers in its entirety, and “reached” 206m people, who saw at least part of it live.

The Super Bowl, traditionally the biggest TV event in global club sport, attracted 106m live viewers for the whole thing, with a reach of 162m. –The Independent, via The Sports Economist.

European soccer has really grown on me over the last five years–hey, it beats the hell outta baseball–and since it’s kinda the world’s game anyway, I’m not terribly upset to hear that the Final (which I watched intently) enjoyed more total viewership than our most recent Super Bowl (which was on at some guy’s house I was getting crazy drunk and eating all of his celery.) Enjoy your little record, Europe, and try not to get it too dirty between now and Sunday, when we’ll be taking it back.

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