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Some high school dance team members in Texas may face serious discipline or even criminal charges because their “prank” against a rival dance team consisted of giving them home-made cupcakes… laced with rat poison and bleach.  LOLZ!

Exchanging gifts and pranks is a tradition among Texas high school dance and cheerleading teams before football games. But the parents from Andress High School in El Paso said putting poison and laxatives in brownies and cupcakes and giving them to unwitting rivals is well beyond a prank…

“We felt like they weren’t out just to play a prank,” [one parent] said. “With all the stuff they put in there, it is like they were trying to kill them.”

Now wait just a second there.  This would have been a great prank if the baked goods hadn’t been confiscated.  Those Chapin girls could have gone to visit their rivals at the hospital or the cemetery and been all, “PWNED, BITCHES!”  And years down the road, if the girls from Andress survived, they could look back and say, “Remember that time you tried to kill me with bleach and rat poison?  You sure got me good!  Boy, was I embarrassed when I went blind.”

[Don Chavez]

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