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Cheryl Cole, wife of Chelsea soccer star Ashley Cole — he of the barfing while cheating move — has a music career with the pop group Girls Aloud that has thus far been kept out of the States.  But things may be changing, as Cheryl is featured in a new video by (Most. Annoying. Punctuation. Ever?) of the Black Eyed Peas.

And check it out!  Her necklace says "Available"!  That is a fucking BURN, Ashley.  Sure, she hasn't served him with divorce papers or anything, but I mean c'mon: would jewelry lie?

So… yeah.  Not the biggest story to hit With Leather, but give me a break.  I watched all three minutes and fourteen seconds of that video to get that screen cap.  And believe me, it's fucking terrible.  I don't care how hot she is, it's not worth listening to that song again.  The video could have her blowing me and I still wouldn't watch it.  Although that's partly because I'm weirded out by how gigantic my balls are.

[The Spoiler

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