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Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chris Chambers was arrested Friday night:

Chambers, 28, was arrested by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police around 2:30 a.m., several miles south of downtown, said police Capt. Lisa Goelz. He faces charges of driving while impaired, speeding, and reckless driving, she said. He was later released on a $1,750 bond, according to Goelz. No other details were available.

Hmm, a lady police captain.  I like women in uniform.  Do you know who else strikes a lovely form in municipal blue?  The lovely Miami cheerleader to the right.  C'mon, you knew if any Dolphins' news broke while I was here, there would be a photo of the shapely, auburn-haired Jaime.  It's in my contract.  Some people seem to think I should have negotiated for things like money or dental benefits, but then you (and I) wouldn't get to gaze at one of the finest cheerleaders in the NFL.  I really hope she's on Making the Squad again on the NFL Network this season.  And I hope one of the cheerleader competitions involves a pole.

Anyway, the Dolphins are "in the process of gathering more information" about Chambers' arrest.  Good for them. -KD

Everlasting benediction to reader TieDomiFanClub for the tip. 

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