07.25.08 8 years ago • 13 Comments

DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg has had trouble publishing video from Redskins camp this week.  Apparently there's some archaic bullshit about not showing any part of Redskins Park in a video on a website, even though a bunch of TV stations have done exactly that.  I dunno.  I don't think I got all the facts there, because I started paying attention and got bored.

Anyway, the point is, Steinz got around it all by interviewing Chris Cooley away from Redskins camp… at Cooley's mom's house.  It's worth a watch, just because Cooley does his usual Everyman thing, and Dan's speaks in his usual voice, a mixture of gravel and tears.

On a related note, thank GOD for NFL training camp.  Soon there's gonna be all sorts of NFL news, like which star player got hurt in a preseason game and ruined all your dreams for your team making the playoffs this season.  Sucker. 

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