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I don’t think people get bent out of shape simply from a professional athlete complaining about life to the media. Actually, lots of fans out there can appreciate the humanity of it all, provided that the athlete in question is qualified to speak for his team. But what really chaps my ass is when a guy runs his mouth during the week and then goes out to play and totally lays an egg. And I mean total failure without any sort of composure at all. After they talk the talk, we expect athletes to walk the walk.

And this is where Dallas Cowboys wideout Roy Williams failed. After complaining to the media about how Tony Romo throws an accurate ball to everyone but him [“Mom! How come Jason has more ice cream than I do?!”] he went out against Green Bay only to fumble a long catch downfield after dropping a touchdown pass in the endzone. That performance arguably cost the Cowboys the game against the Packers, and it also drew the ire of the Bayou Beast, Terry Bradshaw.

“Dallas lost that game when Roy Williams dropped that pass and then fumbled, too,” said Bradshaw, a cohose of FOX’s NFL Sunday show. “He may have finished with 100 yards receiving, but he’s certainly not worth two first-round picks and all that money Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is paying him. He’s not proving anything.” –Dallas Morning News, via FanNation.

Williams is hardly alone in his mouth writing checks that his body can’t cash. A day after telling everyone how great a player he could be in the NFL, LeBron James sat out the entire most of the second half of his game against the Washington Wizards. James, who said he banged his wrist on the rim during a dunk, watched his Cavs squander a 17-point first-half lead to lose, 108-91. One wonders how valuable a guy like that would be to an NFL team.

Nobody has any problem with a guy that can put his money where his mouth is. But when he runs his mouth in front of the media and then can’t bring his A-game in front of the fans, we’re the ones that end up getting shortchanged.

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