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Brian Hindson, a forty-year-old high school swim coach in Indiana, was arrested for child pornography after federal officials found evidence linking him to surveillance footage from a hidden camera in the girls locker room.  Hindson's undoing?  Selling a Mac on eBay that had incriminating videos.

The buyer of the computer, who said she found two objectionable video files after starting up the computer, immediately notified the Charlotte, N.C., FBI bureau in March 2006.

The Charlotte branch immediately got on the case, forwarding it to the Indianapolis branch a mere two years later. 

“Both files appeared to be videos taken from a hidden camera in a locker room depicting footage of what appears to be a teenage girl undressing without knowledge of the camera,” the affidavit states…

“Upon viewing the videos, Detective Banush went to the girls swimming locker room at Kokomo High School’s Memorial Gym and determined that the video discovered by [the computer purchaser] on her computer was in fact produced in that locker room in Memorial Gym,” the search warrant affidavit states.

What a terrible job that must be.  "Oh no, another video of teenage girls undressing?  Looks like I'll have to go to the high school to verify that it's the right locker room.  Sighhhhh…"

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