10.07.08 9 years ago 5 Comments

We hold these truths about Craig Sager to be self-evident: (1) he is far cooler than any sideline reporter on the planet, and (2) zoo animals need to be sedated if they see his wardrobe.  So when Jonathan Papelbon hit Sager with a big blast of champagne ejaculate after the Red Sox beat the Angels, I shed no tears for Sager’s pumpkin blazer.

Seriously, Craig: we see you.  You’re speaking on TV.  We already think you’re cool because you’re married to a much-younger former NBA dance team member.  It’s time to buy a gray suit.  If you want to wear tacky, flashy clothes, then find a job as a gay pop musician.  We could use more of those.

[Red Sox Monster]

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