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Russell Crowe and Anthony LaPaglia are considering building a stadium together in Sydney, Australia:

On Saturday, LaPaglia said the two were in preliminary discussions on the building of a Sydney stadium that would seat about 25,000 fans and that both teams could use during their respective seasons – which rarely clash.

Why would LaPaglia be interested in constructing an arena 'Down Under'?

LaPaglia, the Australian star of "Without a Trace" and "Murder One," is also a director and shareholder in Sydney FC, a soccer team in the domestic A-League.  Crowe, who won an Oscar for 2000's "Gladiator" and received Oscar nominations for his performances in "The Insider" and "A Beautiful Mind," is co-owner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs in the National Rugby League.

Five questions: 1.)Anthony LaPaglia is Australian?  I thought the kangaroo continent was reserved for the progeny of Irish criminals.  The descendants of Italian criminals have their own island: New Jersey.  2.)LaPaglia has had other acting gigs after So I Married an Axe Murderer?  He didn't have an accent in this film.  3.)Are "Without a Trace" and "Murder One" aired on a major television network?  CBS doesn't count.  4.)Have we changed the definition of "star"?  "Personality" is more apt.  5.)Most  importantly, will there be cheerleaders at this stadium?  Something like this please.

What's that?  You believe I scour the sports news looking for any chance to post a photo of my future bride, the lovely Jennifer Connelly?  Well maybe, but she did win the Oscar for A Beautiful Mind which starred Crowe, so my hands were tied on this one. -KD  

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