The Cubs’ Official Twitter Account Trolled A Fan Who Wanted A Free Jersey

10.19.15 2 years ago
Kyle Schwarber

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At only 22, Kyle Schwarber is already recognized as being one of the Cubs’ best hitters. Despite only playing in 69 games this year, he finished fourth on the team in home runs with 16. And so far in the playoffs, all he’s done is continue to destroy baseballs, with four home runs in only 21 at bats through the team’s first seven games. Which is why it’s easy to understand why some Cubs fans would want his jersey. It’s just a matter of how they go about it.

During Game 2 of the National League Championship Series between the Cubs and the Mets on Sunday night, one fan began hounding the Cubs’ official Twitter account by continuing to request a Schwarber jersey.

It was definitely a bit of a long shot, but you have to admire their effort and passion, I suppose. The person who runs the Cubs’ Twitter account must see similar requests all the time, and was not about to give in. Finally, they had an idea to put this issue to bed.

Of course, you cannot direct-message someone who does not follow you back, which the Cubs’ Twitter obviously knew before mentioning it, which led to this:

Short, sweet, and perfect. The Cubs may not have won on the field, dropping Game 2 by a score of 4-1 to fall into a 2-0 series deficit, but they’re definitely winning on social media. Hey, it’s something.

(Via Bleacher Report)

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